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An excellent article and much appreciated. Quickstep has been my preferred team for a long time followed closely in recent years by Jumbo. One cannot but cheer for Premos and Wout, and I'll throw in UAE as a growing favourite now that they have, as you point out, Quickstep's Almeida and Alvaro Hodeg in addition to the 'great one' - Tadej Pogačar. As you point out, Lefebvre has always let big names go in favour of young talent which keeps the team refreshed, and the fact that Gilbert, Terpstra, Gaviria, Viviani and a host of others almost dropped from sight after leaving the team, with Cav given new life, bears out the correctness of his moves. But I have a big problem with the fact that he chose Remco Evenepole over João Almeida, and he might regret this. I sure do. Almeida is talented, determined and consistent. Evenepole is obviously talented too, but inconsistent and temperamental. When he starts a race one never knows if he'll win, or drop out.

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