Etoile de Bessège proved enjoyable to follow and watch. I’m curious to know though, why the breakaway was able to prevail two days in a row, on stages 3 and 4?

It seemed to me that the stage 3 route favored a breakaway, but I’m not sure I understand why the peloton was satisfied with a three minute deficit. On stage 4 though Filippo Ganna once again proved that he’s a beast, it seemed to me that the peloton decided that they didn’t want to catch him. The peloton was seconds from catching the breakaway, yet Ganna was able to pull away.

Was this event just a tune-up, so the teams weren’t all that concerned with wins? Or were Wellens and Ganna just too strong on the stages they dominated?

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I loved today’s Stage 3. I loved seeing Wellens hold off the pack, and also enjoyed seeing his teammates, Philippe Gilbert and Stefano Oldani so adeptly control the pursuing group the last few kilometers. Great cycling!

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