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«For example, Mas wanted to beat Yates, who wanted to beat his teammate Almedia, who wanted to beat Vlasov, who in turn wanted to beat his teammate Hindley.» Very good summary. In part, Roglič wins by default.


«History suggests Jonas Vingegaard shouldn’t sweat this loss.» I beg to differ. Pogačar is not the same, more mature, smarter and stronger with his unstoppable enthusiam forutnately intact.

Few more thoughts I want to draw from P-N and T-A with the Tour in mind.

Vingegaard will need Roglič's assistance to crack Pogačar. The oldest of the two Slovenians might even be the main contender of his young compatriot. Roglič's last chance to win "La Grande Boucle" at 33?

Furthermore, to secure the "maillot jaune" in Paris, Pogačar will have to be surrounded by a carefully assembled and dosed team. Majka is a must, Novak and Yates will do, so as Groβschartner, but no Soler (too undisciplined), no Bennett (not resilient), no McNulty (inconsistent), no Hirschi (not reliable). Wellens, if he can stand the heat, Trentin a sure bet. The last spot? Bjerg by default or Fischer-Black to give youth a chance? Go Finn go!

In the meantime, I look forward to enjoying more Pogačar’s splendeur at the Spring Classsics.

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Congratulations on the new family member.

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Congrats on the addition to the family!

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