Another (kinda) surprising placing for Wout - what a ride!

You bring up lots of great points about his versatility and future. Up to this Tour he has been out Van derPoel’ed in just about everything; VdP even rolling yellow 🤬 This has to have Wout seeing blood ==> MAJOR motivation. And with the confidence and experience from this year he could absolutely be a contender. Which then creates an Ineos syndrome of 3 potential GC contenders on the team a year from now. This will be interesting to see how the team plays its hand - tactically I have no idea how this would work but isnt a 3-headed hydra stronger against Pog than 1 ??

I like your prediction for tmrw, it could be a total bar brawl which should benefit Wout in his ability to muscle thru less than perfect road surfaces

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This might be way out in left field but I am wondering if Maurten Hydrogel is having an impact on the race pace in pro cycling. I read that 40% of the teams in the peloton are using it. Athletes can now consume 80 grams of carbs at once without dietary upset, and the gel that’s formed is digested gradually. The claim is that glycogen levels can be more readily sustained, possibly resulting in higher sustained performance. Just curious if it’s having an impact?

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