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I wonder what the ranking might look like if the points scoring structure was changed somewhat to emphasize the team nature of the sport.

Say that a teams top two riders in a race scored the points their finishing positions paid, but the remainder of the team was then accorded a percentage of the points scored by the highest team finisher, to reflect the work they did to help secure that result. A team rider could get 20 or 30% of their top finisher's points - 30% those who finish the race and 20% for those who DNF - or their own, if their own finishing position paid a higher number of points.

For all the talk of how much of a team sport cycling is, those who do the work for the leaders and don't feature in the final to garner high placings, receive pretty short shrift in this regard.

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Andrea Piccolo and Axel Zingle! I've been hearing about the relegation battle all year. No one talked about those riders. Pointing out their key role in this three-year long competition is what makes Beyond the Peloton essential reading. We can all see who won the bike race. But what really happened in the race? Spencer Martin answers that question.

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